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Card Inspiration

9 Mar

A paisley happy birthday card

What Inspires You?

The card above was created for one of my buddies. Every year he has expected a homemade card from me and I always oblige. I thought a lot about what kind of card to make for him this year as I scrolled thru the many papers I own. He is a musician so I knew I wanted to use some Washi tape with music notes but I just wanted to make sure that it was as personal as possible. With that in mind, I realized I had this awesome paisley paper that was similar to a shirt I see him wear from time to time. Eureka! The only other thing I needed was a couple pops of color. I went with a lime green and yellow, a birthday stamp and some embossing powder. I added some personal text inside (a poem about sucky brothers lol) and sent it off. Inspiration can come in the most interesting places and ways. Where do you find yours?