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It’s been a long time…

4 Feb

I haven’t made a card or completed any project life pages in a long time! I’ve thought about it, had the desire and even penciled it in on my calendar and yet, I haven’t moved a finger until this week. I’ve allowed several birthdays to pass by without providing my normal crafty card to a close friend or family member. So, I set out to rectify this issue this week and have been making (or starting) a card each night this week. I plan to scrapbook my current set of pictures by the end of the week.

Today’s featured card was made from tissue wrapping paper that I found at Paper Source (I love this pattern and the color) and some enamel dots. I fashioned the rest from my own supplies.



Card Inspiration

9 Mar

A paisley happy birthday card

What Inspires You?

The card above was created for one of my buddies. Every year he has expected a homemade card from me and I always oblige. I thought a lot about what kind of card to make for him this year as I scrolled thru the many papers I own. He is a musician so I knew I wanted to use some Washi tape with music notes but I just wanted to make sure that it was as personal as possible. With that in mind, I realized I had this awesome paisley paper that was similar to a shirt I see him wear from time to time. Eureka! The only other thing I needed was a couple pops of color. I went with a lime green and yellow, a birthday stamp and some embossing powder. I added some personal text inside (a poem about sucky brothers lol) and sent it off. Inspiration can come in the most interesting places and ways. Where do you find yours?

Hello and Welcome to The Fabulous Fennyl

7 Jan

Thanks for following me!

Greetings and welcome to The Fabulous Fennyl! It’s my aim to share my photos, poetry, scrapbook life and purchases, handmade goods and other fun things that catch my eye along the road of life! You may wonder how I came up with the idea of The Fabulous Fennyl! Well, wonder no more! One sleepy afternoon I found myself pondering the fact that I LOVE to do things that involve my hands and my eyes. I thought that I might one day fashion this love into a full-time passion or business. I began to think of a title for such a venture and decided I wanted to use my first name, which is Lynne. However, I’ve always found my name to be boring so I’ve often played around with spelling it backward- Ennyl (pronounced E-nille). Doesn’t that sound much more exotic? Well, as I googled around I found that name was already taken. So, I began to think of my concept- Fresh, Forward-thinking, Fly and Fabulous goods created (or found) by me. Hence came the idea for Fennyl. Even more, I found myself thinking about the diversity of the fennel plant. It is hardy, spicy and stimulating and for centuries has been used for medicinal, skincare and culinary purposes. With that in mind, I decided my projects would aspire toward FABULOUS AND appear much like life-hardy, a little spicy at times and definitely stimulating. What began as a drift into a nap, became an idea that I have been cultivating every since. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

P.S. You can also follow me on Instagram @thefabfennyl

L Rachell

Hello world!

10 Nov

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Happy blogging!