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The Fabulous Fennyl Pays It Forward

4 Feb

Holiday gift baskets

Two years ago, I took a challenge on Facebook. You’ve probably seen it. It’s based on the movie, Pay It Forward. The goal was to pay it forward at some point in the year (2013 was my first year)   via a small gift (a card, handmade gift, etc.). I was already scrapbooking and making cards so I said to myself- “what the hay! I’ll do it!” Well, I didn’t. I failed and didn’t send a thing to any of the people who liked my post and agreed to participate. The next year however, I tried this again and did pretty good (sent or gave something to 2/3 of the group) and I plan to reach 100% this year. One great thing happened as a result of my endeavor. I was already making by hand a myriad of things including greeting cards, hair products (which I sell) and lip balms. I began selling the hair product and also giving the cards and other things away as birthday and Christmas gifts. The first year I handed out my handmade gifts to my friends at church brought far more joy to me than to them. Giving does a thing for the heart! So, I repeated my gesture in 2014 but this time added a sugar scrub and a conditioner bar to my arsenal. I decided on this after visiting the Lush store at our local mall. I absolutely love that store but knew that I could make many of the items they sell for a fraction of the cost. Although I created them to give as gifts, I found the entire process therapeutic! I was entirely relaxed throughout the process and the house smelled delicious! I posted the pics to my Instagram accounts (@poeticlyspkng and @thefabfenny). They were a big hit to the recipients and others. I actually sold some to a few friends who just happened to see the posts. This turned my hobby into something a little more tangible.


All of these things were 100% handmade with awesome, natural ingredients like granulated sugar, shea and cocoa butters, olive, avocado and essential oils. You’ll be happy to know that these ingredients are so lovely and safe that your dog can eat it. How do I know? Because my precious pup Bandi grabbed my vanilla-scented lotion bar off the couch, ate it and lived to tell the story. How awesome is that? 😀

P.S. All of these items will soon be available via my Etsy account. You can find it at the link below: